Frequently Asked Questions about Skyridge Middle School Counseling Services:

Who is my school counselor?

Jessica Loren, Last Names A-K

Amber Thielbar, Last Names L-Z


How is a student referred to the school counselor?

Students may be referred by parents and school staff. Additionally, students may self-refer. Parents can contact counselors at any time to share personal, social, academic or other concerns.


How does a student access a counselor?

We have an open door policy. Stop by our offices in the Student Center to make arrangements to meet with us. If we are unavailable, fill out a purple colored Request for Appointment form, located in the Student Center, and drop it in your counselor’s box.


Are students required to participate in support groups offered by the counseling program?

No. Participation is voluntary. Groups are largely formed based upon student request. However, parents and staff may recommend a student for potential participation in group services.


How is confidentiality handled by the counselors?

Student information is kept confidential unless disclosure is required by law to prevent clear and imminent danger to the student or others, or when legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed.